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Recognizing and Responsibly Delivering the Greatest Value from Every Acre

Forestar strives to take land and natural resources to their highest purpose.

Forestar is a real estate and natural resources company with a vision for every acre. As of September 30, 2014 we own directly or through ventures approximately 120,000 acres of low basis real estate located in 10 states and 13 markets. We own 5 significant commercial and income producing assets. In addition, we own about 590,000 net mineral acres, principally in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia. In addition, we have a leasehold interest in over 358,000 net mineral acres in oil-rich basins, including 8,000 net mineral acres in the core of the Bakken and Three Forks formations. We manage approximately 110,000 acres of our land as timberland, generating fiber growth and sales. In addition, we have approximately 1.5 million acres of water interests in Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia.

We manage our operations in three business segments:

Business Segment Assets (includes assets owned through ventures)
Icon REAL ESTATE 120,000 acres of Land
- 84,000 acres of undeveloped land
- 11 projects, 24,000 acres, currently in entitlement process
- 12,000 acres, 73 entitled, developed or under development projects located in 8 states and 13 markets
5 Significant Commercial and Income Producing Assets
Icon OIL AND GAS 948,000 Net Mineral Acres
590,000 Owned Net Mineral Acres
- 36,000 acres held by production
- 20,000 acres leased
- 534,000 acres available for lease
358,000 Leasehold Net Mineral Acres
- 46,000 acres held by production
- 312,000 acres undeveloped leasehold
Icon OTHER NATURAL RESOURCES 110,000 Real Estate Acres Generating Fiber Growth and Sales (includes 2,000 leased acres)
108,000 Real Estate Acres Leased for Recreational use
1.5 million acres of Water Interests
- Includes a 45% non-participating royalty interest from approximately 1.4 million acres

* Fiber Resources acreage included in Real Estate
Corporate At-A-Glance
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Corporate At-A-Glance

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